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Caring and Campaigning for our Community

Julian is the Conservative Party Councillor for the Walsoken, West Walton and Walpole Wards and the Norfolk County Councillor  for the Marshland North Division within the King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council area.

Enterprise and hard work have shaped Julian's life, values and beliefs. Julian has lived in Walton Highway all his life, coming from a farming family.  He owns a forage sales business buying and selling forage countrywide.


Julian believes strongly in the Conservative values of meritocracy, freedom and aspiration. That the Conservative belief in freedom, free markets and lower taxes empowers people, families and businesses to flourish and be in control of their own destiny.

In his spare time he is an area co-ordinator for the Naval Children’s Charity and helps raise funds and awareness for his local Walpole NHS First Responders.   

Julian cares deeply about wildlife and detests cruelty to animals. He feeds wildlife year round on his farm and is also a volunteer for Seal and Shore Watch (North Norfolk).


"I am a proud Norfolk man, I believe passionately in a strong local community, with us helping each other lead a safe way of life, taking responsibility for our own actions but providing help for those that need it.  Together we can make a difference"

- Councillor Julian Kirk

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